Project EP3 Civic Si Two Piece Rotor Rebuild with Fastbrakes

So our Project EP3 Civic has been doing duty as our daily driven super-beater car and has been racking up the miles.  The miles had been taking their toll on our excellent Fast Brakes brake system.  We had been running a fairly aggressive street pad for mixed track use, the Polymatrix PM or Pro Matrix pad. With the big Stoptech kit, this setup worked great on the track with effortless fade-free braking with a very consistent pedal.  However, we found it to be somewhat noisy on the street and a little dusty.  It also killed our rotors in about 20k of driving.  This necessitated our rebuilding of the Fast Brakes 2-piece rotors with new friction rings.

Our rotors are thrashed. Many street miles and a few track days did them in.  Did you know they used to be grooved!

The mean ridge that had formed making a lip on the rotor was contributing to some god-awful brake squeal, As the pad was pretty worn out, the backing plate was rubbing on the ridge, it sounded like turning a cat down on a lathe.

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