Project EP3 Civic Si Two Piece Rotor Rebuild with Fastbrakes

New Fast Brakes friction rings are installed, first the bolts are installed with Loctite red.

Then the safety wire is reapplied.

Since our little stock K motor was not making enough speed to even come close to fading the brakes, even on the track, we opted for a less aggressive Polymatrix BP-Q compound.   The BP-Q has a very high Mu of 0.50 at low temperatures which declines in a linear manner all the way up to 1000 degrees F where it reaches 0.33.  This is compared to our old PM compound which starts off at 0.37, rises to 0.43, and drops to 0.37. We think that our car has enough brakes to where we still won’t have fade even at the track.  The BP-Q pads are a ceramic-based compound that has very low rotor wear, very low noise, and very little dust.

We also will refresh the brake fluid with some fresh Wilwood EXP Plus fluid.  EXP Plus fluid is a DOT 4 fluid and has a dry boiling point of 594 degrees F and wet boiling point of 399 F. It is also formulated to resist aeration and to have low compressibility.  Wilwood’s brake bleeder bottle is very handy, especially if you are doing a one-man bleed job.

Christa removed the pad retaining pins and pads, and none too soon, the old pads were almost completely worn out.

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