Project EP3 Civic Si Two Piece Rotor Rebuild with Fastbrakes

The rebuilt brakes look great in there and the car is ready to go!

The new rotors and pads are awesome on the street, they are totally silent, and the other pads always made a slight grinding noise and squealed some when cold.  The new pads also make nearly no visible dust!  The BP-Q pads have a higher Mu than the old PM pads up to about 650 degrees F so braking seems to be more effortless. The pedal is nice and firm as well.  We would say that the BP-Q pads are superior for street driving with a light car.  We have not had an opportunity to drive our car on the track but we have a feeling that with our Large Fastbrakes system and low power with lightweight, these pads probably will not fade either.


Fast Brakes

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