Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports Part 2!


We also got Aeromotive’s liquid filled, shock resistant fuel pressure gauge to make quick adjustments of fuel pressure a snap.  The gauge screws right into a port on the regulator body.
A pleasant surprise for use was these Tire Rack brand wheels.  Upgrading our brakes meant we had to go to 17″ wheels.  Unfortunately the Fiesta ST has a weird 4X108mm bolt patten which really reduced our selection of suitable wheels.  The Tire Rack wheels were not only cheap but also light weight.  For a 17×7″ wheel they only weigh 14 lbs each.  Unfortunately we don’t have much technical data on these wheels, but from tooling marks on the wheel we suspect that the rim may be roll formed for strength and light weight much like the Enkei MAT process.  We will report if they are track durable once we test them.
SPD fabricated these cool brake ducts to help keep the brake temps under control.  The ducts take air from the fog light holes in the front fascia and deliver it to the rotor near the caliper.
The wheel vent delivers air to this tube which is bolted to the caliper bracket.
This vent tube picks up air from the fog light hole.  The fabrication is nice and clean on these parts.
You can see the air pickup here!

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