Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports Part 2!


SPD fabricated these super clean lexan windows from 1/4″ scratch resistant coated lexan.  Note that the door seals still fit to keep things nice and quiet.  The door latches and strikers still function as well.
Scott starts out by making a cardboard template for the lexan window out of cardboard, then transfers that to the lexan sheet.  He then cuts out the lexan and trims to fit.  For a final tight fit, he sands the edges.
Scott uses the fuzzy side of velcro tape on the body to prevent the lexan from abrading and crazing when the hold down bolts are tightened down.  This is a really cool trick.
Fitting the windows as tightly as Scott does requires patience and skill.
The window before it is bolted down.  Scott uses stainless button head allen bolts to secure the window in place once it is fitted.

Stay tuned, in coming editions of Project Focus ST we will be covering SPD doing some of the final finishing of the car’s interior, fuel system and exhaust.  Then we will be working with mountune USA on getting the power up to snuff and KW to take the suspension to the next level.

Our final goal will be racing the car in our MPTCC series!  


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