Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports Part 2!


The Ford Racing tow hook bolts to the bumper brace and SPD cut a slot in the bumper fascia for it.
The engine looks really ugly with all the lawnmower shrouds taken off but the wiring and hoses are significantly cleaned up over stock which makes things a lot more simple under the hood.
The doors were placed on a diet.  The door panels, windows, speakers and window regulators were removed.
The spot welds holding the side impact bar were drilled out so the bar and its attachment brackets could be cleanly removed.
No hack jobs here!
Next, the excessive parts of the door interior panels were cut away.  Material was left so the door would stay stiff and to bolt the door striker to.  Overall, about 25 pounds were removed from each door, that’s over 100 lbs!

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