Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports!


The cage ties solidly to the upper firewall directly and through the OEM corner reinforcement as well.  A lot of attention has been paid to chassis stiffness and driver compartment intrusion here.
The main hoop sits directly on the frame rail and the plate wraps around the frame rail for maximum stiffness and strength.   A real cage is a lot more than a $1500 ERW bent up cage, zapped to plates in the floor with the gaps filled up by rows of MIG weld.  A cage done by an experienced motorsports fabricator is a work of art and a few times more expensive.  The payoff is a lot more stiffness for the weight and a lot more driver safety.
Extra reinforcing tubes are placed at all major junctures of the cage.  Scott prefers these to gussets as he feels they spread the load better and leave the joints less affected by heat.
The rear legs fasten to the floor right where the reinforcements for the area where the rear crossmember bolts, a very strong area.  You can see a tower to tower bar has been added for extra stiffness.
The cross bar welds directly to a stiff portion of the rear shock tower.
Sturdy window nets are a very important safety device.  The ability to remove them quickly and easily by feel to escape a car is also very important.  Scott built this quick release window net, the upper mount uses springs and washers to be able to pop off mounting tabs easily and the lower mount uses a seatbelt type latch.

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