Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports!


Scott made this block off plate and welded it in place to seal the firewall where the heater core used to come through into the engine compartment.
Scott also made this block off plate to seal where the AC lines went through to the evaporator.
The battery was relocated to the rear of the car and is going to be replaced with a Pegasus Racing Lithium Iron dry cell.   This will save over 30 lbs from the car.  At this point we have more than made up for the weight added by cage.  The grounds that previously were attached to the battery are now mounted here.
You can see how Scott rewired the main power cable to a distribution block and how removing the battery has really opened up this area which will make transmission servicing a lot easier.
When the heater was removed this molded hose was left over.  Fortunately it works pretty nicely to block off the heater hard lines bypassing the now missing heater core.
The vacuum line to the power brake booster was a long and convoluted affair.  Scott simplified it and routed it straight from the manifold to the brake booster leaving all the proper check valves in place.

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