Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports!


This shot of the net in place shows its full coverage and tight strong fitment.  It is still very easy to lower or remove from the car as well.
A cross bar spans the width of the car above the stock cross bar which was also retained.  The stock bar has had all excess tabs removed for safety.
To remove the heater and the air conditioner, the entire front of the car had to be removed.
The dash was removed to get rid of the radio, air bags, heater core and the AC evaporator.  A mess of wiring had to be reduced as well.  Like all modern cars the Fiesta ST is multiplexed and is equipped with a CANBUS.  With multiplexing wiring issues are complicated as many auxiliary boxes might have to communicate with the ECU for the car to work properly.  So we must leave all modules in place and later carefully remove them one at a time while observing what their removal does to the car.
Scott removed a lot of the wiring that was obviously not CANBUS controlled and cleaned up and simplified as much as possible.   The weight loss was getting pretty decent at this time. Removing the sound deadening got rid of about 30 lbs.  Removing the stuff in the dash was about another 30 lbs.
Ford Racing sells this part that allows you to remove the air conditioning and replace it with an idler pulley.  Removing the AC compressor, lines, receiver dryer and condenser got rid of approximately another 30 lbs off the nose of the car.

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