Project Ford Fiesta ST- Making the Jump to a Race Car with SPD Motorsports!


To keep all the air flowing to the radiator, Scott fashioned air guides to fill the area that was left open after the AC condenser was removed.   It is important for cooling to seal air leaks before the radiator.  Plates like this can actually increase cooling efficiency by over 50% in some cases.
Scott also simplified the dash.  The dash had also sorts of brackets, reinforcement for the air bag and air ducts in it.  Dehorning all of this saved around 10 lbs.   Removing all of the ultrasonic welds took nearly a whole day.
The door panels, glass, and window regulators were removed.  This alone saved a bunch of weight.
The spot welds holding in the door intrusion beams were drilled out so they could be removed.
This allowed the door beams to come out without hacking them and making a mess.
The excess door interior sheetmetal was cut away with enough being left so the door could retain its stiffness and not be all floppy. This took over 30 lbs from each door!  This car is seriously losing weight.

In upcoming instalments of Project Fiesta ST, Scott will continue to build the cage while fabricating Lexan windows, improving the seat mount, mounting the battery rearward, fabricating a stainless exhaust and mounting a fuel cell.  Overall the car has lost about 300 lbs and with the cage weighing about 120 lbs, ultimately our car’s weight will be much lower than stock.

Stay tuned for more!

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