Project G20 Race Car: Building a More Bulletproof SR20DE!


The rod’s small end is bronze bushed and the rod machined so the sizing can be held to plus or minus 0.0001 and the weight within one gram per end.  Those are exceedingly tight tolerances! After machining to shape and heat treatment, the rod is shot-peened  which can improve fatigue strength by over 100%.

We did not want to have an oiling hole in the rod or pin oiler holes in the piston pin boss which can weaken the piston or the rod. This will help keep the small end of the rod and pin boss of the piston strong for the high compressive loads a high boost turbo engine will make.

While we were in there, we replaced a lot of the common high wear parts of the SR20DE with brand new OEM Nissan stuff from is run by our buddy Scott Vanderheide and has some of the best prices to be found on many high-performance aftermarket and OEM Nissan parts. also has a lot of the needed parts to rebuild high-performance Nissans in stock.  If you have ever had to deal with typical Nissan parts counter morons you will be pleasantly surprised when dealing with them.

We replaced the timing chain, sprockets, tensioners parts and all of the engines seals and gaskets.


While everything was apart we changed out our clutch which had withstood 3 years of racing with Jim Wolf Technology’s race disc and pressure plate.  JWT’s race clutch disc has six sintered metal pucks that can take a lot of heat, but engage quite smoothly for a full race clutch.  This is important because Nissan FWD transmissions are notoriously weak. Though we’ve beefed up the transmission on Project G20 Racecar, it is still built with stock internals and is far from an all out race box.  

The JWT clutch disc also has a sprung hub which further reduces shock on the transmission.  The springs are fully contained so if they break, they are retained by the hub and won’t fall out to jam the clutch to where it won’t disengage.

To complement our clutch disc we chose JWT’s standard pressure plate which has greater clamping force than stock, but retains a soft clutch pedal feel for ease of driving.


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