Project G20 Race Car: Building a More Bulletproof SR20DE!


The crank is laid in place and the main caps are set on top of it.  60 weight heavy motor oil was applied to the bearings and crank journals before dropping in the crank to act as an assembly lube.
The main bolts are lubricated for accurate torque readings.  The stock bolts are torque to yield and can only be torqued a limited amount of times before they stretch too much. Before use, they must be measured to make sure they have not stretched beyond acceptable limits set in the service manual.
The main girdle is set in place and the bolts are hand tightened.
To help the rings seat and to speed break in time, we used this cylinder wall prep dry film lubricant by Total Seal.  The lubricant helps the rings seat quickly without glazing.
Regular heavy weight engine oil is used on the piston rings and piston skirt as an assembly lube.
The rings are compressed with a ring compressor tool.

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