Project GD Subaru STI, High Power Fuel System Upgrades!

The Radium hanger also includes a streamlined anodized aluminum collector box which reduces slosh sensitivity and starvation while cornering.  For really high-powered Subies, the hanger can accommodate two fuel pumps.  The Radium Engineering hanger is a sanitary way to upgrade your fuel system quickly and cleanly.

Radium supplied the hanger with this Walbro TIA450 ethanol fuel pump.  This compact pump can supply 450 liter per hour.  The pump features a dual-channel turbine which helps it achieve such high flow so efficiently.  This is sort of like a mini jet engine compressor.  This pump should help us reach our power goals and still have a little headspace.

For Injectors, we chose Cobb Spec Injector Dynamics ID1300x injectors.  They flow over 1300cc/min. This is a step up from our previous 1000cc injectors.  They should give us the headspace we need for our latest round of mods. These injectors are designed specifically for ethanol, they have all stainless internals to withstand alcohol’s corrosive nature.

The ID1300X injector has been tuned to flow well yet still be very controllable at low pulse widths to assure good low-speed drivability and idle characteristics. We run these injectors in our Project R35 GT-R with good results so far.

Since our Mass Airflow Meter was topped out and could not read any higher airflow at all,  we decided to convert to Speed Density for the ECU to calculate how much air the engine was ingesting.  We will be using an IAG kit to add a MAP sensor and an additional air intake temperature sensor. The IAG kit comes with the fittings and wiring to make this conversion easier.

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