Project GD Subaru STI, High Power Fuel System Upgrades!

We will be using a Cobb 4 bar MAP sensor with the Speed Density Conversion Kit.

We had previously rather crudely removed our restrictive TGV swirl valves from the stock intake manifold and plugged the shaft holes by welding them up many years ago.  Now IAG has a more sanitary solution.  They make a lower intake manifold without TGV valves!

The IAG TGV Delete kit comes with cool, CNC machined billet aluminum lower intake manifolds.  They have the correct bosses for the injectors as seen here.

They also have all the correct bosses for the fuel rails and other OEM components.

With these mods, we solve the car’s fuel system limitations to accommodate the power levels we anticipate reaching and we will have some headspace if we choose to up the turbo size and go for more power later. Our IAG engine and now our fuel system can easily do it.

Read all about Project STI here!


Radium Engineering

Cobb Tuning

IAG Performance


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