Project GD Subaru STI Part Three- Making More Power with Greddy and Cobb Tuning


Another neat trick Greddy employs to minimize weight is to use hollow hangers.
The large diameter lightweight Greddy RS compared to the stock STI exhaust.  You can see the weight difference here for sure!  Light weight also means cheaper shipping.
Cobb Tuning So Cal is a tremendous local resource if you live in Southern California.  You can get your car worked on by professionals backed by Cobb Tuning’s National presence.  Here Cobb Tuning’s Mike Schulte   installs our Greddy RS exhaust.
Mike Schulte and Steve Mitchell get ready to hang the rear section of our exhaust.  A quality exhaust like Greddy installs quickly and easily due to perfect fit.
Mike torques all of our exhaust bolts to spec.
Our Greddy RS catback exhaust all bolted in place and ready to go to the dyno for some testing!

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