Project GD Subaru STI Part Three- Making More Power with Greddy and Cobb Tuning


This is the sampling tube and sensor for the dyno’s wide band air fuel ratio meter.
The Cobb dyno has huge cooling fans.  These ducted fans are controlled by the dyno and their speed increases with dyno speed to better simulate real road conditions.  They move enough air at the right speed where you can dyno with the hood closed and get good repeatable results.  Combined with the exit fans, it is like standing in a hurricane!  It’s actually pretty comfortable in the dyno cell even on a 100 degree day like the day we tested!
Steve Mitchell straps Project STI down.
When the doors close, it gets quiet.  Cobb has a really good shop environment.  The dyno is so quiet and well sealed that the technicians are not disturbed by noise or fumes.
Here is a sneak peek at Cobb’s air intake.  We will be testing this soon.
Here is the airbox for the intake.  This keeps hot underhood air off the filter.

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