Project IS-F: We Evaluate 3M Performance films, KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires


We also had The Tint Factory install 3M’s Scotchgard paint protective film to the front end of Project IS-F. We also drive Project IS-F through the desert and on bug infested road trips to various events a lot and so we wanted to have no stress about getting rock chips and bug stains on our nice silver Paint. Scotchgard paint protective film is a clear tough polyurethane film that resists clouding and yellowing.  It was developed for our armed forces to protect helicopter blades from abrasive damage in dusty conditions.  With skill it can be applied nearly anywhere to protect a car's finish from abrasion without damaging the paint.  It can be removed and reapplied anytime if necessary.  When correctly applied it is almost invisible to the eye.  Here Chris, one of The Tint Factory's main 3M Scotchgard installers gets ready to install a piece of the film over Project IS-F's front bumper.  The film is cut using a computer plotter with a large pattern database.  The film then has the protective backing peeled off and is sprayed with liberal amounts of soapy water.
The Tint Factory has a large database containing the patterns for many cars.   If your car is not in the database or if you have a custom aerokit, fear not.  The Tint Factory can custom hand cut the film as well.  The installation of the Scotchgard film is really best left up to the pros.  We tried our hand at installing one of the pieces and ended up making a mess while the guys at the Tint Factory laughed.  Installation is much like window film but the urethane must be massaged with soapy water, alcohol/water for tricky areas and heated with a steamer for really tricky areas for a clean installation.  Frank and Chris, first cleaned the front end of our car very carefully as light colors like silver are  unforgiving, every little dirt spec and flaw shows.
The TInt Factory crew spent several hours stretching, steaming, trimming and squeegeeing the film into place.  The resulting finish is superb.  Frank also covered our headlights and foglights with Scotchgard film. Yellowed, foggy and pitted lights look terrible and the cost of new lights is high so we wanted to protect ours!
 3M has special squeegees that don't harm the film or scratch paint just for film installation.
A steam gun is used to help make the film form around bends without wrinkling.
The film is given a hand trim as a last step to clean up the install.

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