Project IS-F: We Evaluate 3M Performance films, KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires


On late model cars it is important to fit the TPMS or tire pressure monitoring sensors with the new wheels to avoid warning lights.
Here is the TPMS sensor in place.  The correct sensor must be installed on the same corner that it came off of or warning lights will be triggered.
ASAP Tire uses mounting equipment specially designed not to scratch wheels and ASAP employees are trained on how to handle expensive wheels carefully.
ASAP uses computer spin balancing.  Our Volk wheels and Nitto tires were very close to being perfectly balanced and only needed tiny weights.  This is a sign of quality manufacturing for both wheels and tires.  ASAP Tire's service makes sense as many people order their wheels and tires through mail order nowadays.  ASAP Tire is an official Tire Rack installer.
We wanted only the best for Project IS-F so we ordered KW Variant III coilovers for the car.  If you are a long time MotoIQ reader you know that we feel that the Variant III's are perhaps the best streetable coilovers made period.  They are two way adjustable with separate adjusters for the compression and rebound damping.  This give tremendous flexibility when setting up a car for daily driving and track use.  The Variant III's have rust resistant stainless steel bodies and plastic covered spring seats so the coilovers will remain functional even over a salty winter.  The shocks also feature remote accumulators with a rubber bladder to keep the pressurized gas and oil separate.  This separation greatly reduces cavitation of the shock fluid and promotes more consistent damping under all conditions.
When compared to the stock shocks, the KW's have a body about an inch shorter.  This allows the car to be lowered without losing wheel travel.  Insufficient wheel travel is one of the main causes of poor handling in a lowered car.  If the suspension bottoms out when cornering the spring rate will become infinite and the car will either suddenly oversteer or understeer depending on which end of the car bottoms first under roll.  The KW's come with 10kg rear and 12 kg front springs. This is up from the stock 8kg rear and 10 kg front springs.  The stock IS-F is pretty stiff riding stock.  Will the KW's be streetable?  In our experience KW's ride smoothly considering how stiff they are due to KW's patented compression valve technology.

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