Project IS-F: We Evaluate 3M Performance films, KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires


The rear shocks have this unusual configuration with the long extension at the end of the shock rod.  The KW shock works with it.
The Variant III's retain the stock upper mounts for less noise.
The short bodied shocks have plenty of wheel travel even though the car is lowered about 1.5″
Eddie Lee of Mackin Industries checks out the fitment of his wheels.
 The Variant III's in place are compatible with the brake lines and ABS sensors.
 With our wider wheels and tires in place and our ride height set the car has a pretty nice stance while still being very practical for daily driving by the wife.  

Stay tuned in the next edition of Project IS-F we set up the chassis and replace worn brake parts for streetable performance with stuff from Sikky, Project Mu and Fig's Engineering.  At this point we will be able to evaluate how well the car's suspension works. 

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KW Suspension

Mackin Industries (Volk Wheels)

Nitto Tires

The Tint Factory

3M Films

ASAP Tire 

PTS – Joe Z Series Exhaust





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