Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 10 – Finish Wiring the Back and Prep the Front Harness


You’d never know.


The fuel pressure pigtail was extended in a similar manner.


Strip the appropriate amount of wire, and then crimp on the pin for the new connector.

You'll notice that this is not the milspec crimper we have been using already. These sensors use more “standard” open barrel crimps, and, of course, MilSpecWiring has the right tool.


All done and ready to insert into the cavity. Don’t forget the rubber seal- preferably BEFORE you crimp the pins on. Oops. You can kinda get the seal over the pins, but it’s not ideal.


You’ve seen us make braided hose properly when we installed our Radium / Fuel Safe cell.

Here is one of the hose lengths for relocating the sensors. We used -AN fittings here, and adapters for the NPT ports.

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