Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 10 – Finish Wiring the Back and Prep the Front Harness


Cardboard traced onto metal. Check.

Mark, chop, nibble, bend, repeat. Sensing a pattern here? GET IT?


This bracket is almost complete, but it needs a little something.

The bracket will use captive nuts that are riveted on. You saw these in one of the first rewiring segments when we attached our custom-fabricated battery tie down. They sure come in handy.

This bracket is just a bunch of thin flat surfaces. It’s kind of… bendy. That’s not ideal in a bracket that is supposed to support things. Sure, it’s not a structural bracket and it’s not carrying weight or any real load. However, things that are worth doing are worth doing right.


What’s this interesting tool?


It’s a dimple die.

Dimple dies serve two purposes. One is cosmetic. They make cool beveled holes in sheet metal. The other is structural. The cool beveled holes improve the rigidity of the item. You have likely noticed the work of a dimple die if you have seen a really high-end roll cage where the tube is gusseted into the A-pillar. Those holes that are in the gusset? They were made with a dimple die.

You just crank the die all the way down and it simultaneously cuts out material and “dimples” the inside surface.


That is one mean looking bracket. And it’s stiff, too.

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