Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 10 – Finish Wiring the Back and Prep the Front Harness


You can just barely see the Defi oil pressure sensor attached to the oil cooler’s port.

Again, it’s not ideal to have the sensor directly screwed into something that vibrates so much. The oil cooler and filter relocation kit has a port, but it is basically all attached directly to the block.


The new hose’s fitting is wrapped with teflon tape and then screwed into the port on the engine side.


A right-angle fitting was screwed into the Fuelab FPR’s gauge port, and the hose would come off of there.


Presto! The sensors are neatly relocated.

Later, we can easily attach the sensor connectors. The remote mounting location and the rubber-coated p-clips help ensure that the sensors won’t be vibrated too much. Ignore that red wire. That’s some leftover from the old janky battery relocation job that will be removed.

Now the engine bay is ready for us to make the harness. This one is slightly more complicated than the trunk, but not terribly so. It’s essentially two main legs with a bunch of connectors hanging off.

And, of course, we have some other interesting tricks up our sleeve, so stay tuned!


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