Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 10 – Finish Wiring the Back and Prep the Front Harness


Captive nuts in place!


The shield is temporarily bolted into place.


Now we can continue to design the bracket to mount the tees.


You can see that this is kind of a complicated assembly- even in cardboard!


A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and presto.

OK, this is an even sexier bracket. But, it’s all really quite nice. The heat shield will help to keep heat away from the brake lines and the brackets hold everything nicely in place. Yes, in theory the heat shield would eventually heat up and transfer heat to the bracket. This would then transfer heat to the tee, which could transfer heat to the lines and could transfer heat to the fluid. That would take a while. We can additionally use wrap and other things to help mitigate that.

You can also see the empty port for the brake pressure sensor. We will actually need to use extra washers or spacers and a longer bolt to mount the tee to the bracket. An adapter is required for the brake pressure sensor to go into this hole. AEM’s pressure transducers are 1/8 NPT and this hole is M10x1. Actually, two adapters were needed because I could not find a single one to do the job. Brakequip again came to the rescue, via my local hydraulic shop. M10x1 was first converted to 3/8-24 UNF, and then the 3/8 was converted to 1/8 NPT for the AEM 2000 PSI transducer (30-2130-2000). You might think that 2000 PSI sounds like a lot, but the combination of the brake master cylinder and brake booster and the leverage of the brake pedal combine to create an awful lot of pressure.

What else?

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