Project MKIV Supra: Part 10 – Dyno testing – We Hit 800 WHP!


Here's the dyno graph for the white Supra.  Try to look past the jagged edges on the torque curve, which was apparently a tach-pick up problem (otherwise you'd see the same spikes in the horspower curve).  But by tracing the peaks you can see what the curve would like like.  1074 WHP on E85 baby!

When testing with so much horepower, you've always got to worry about something potentially going wrong.  In the case of the white Supra, it's dyno session was called short when that last run totally shredded the tire.

Like the previous two Supras–the red one and ours–it also loses some boost on this dyno in the top end, hitting 38 PSI and then dropping to around 35-36 PSI after.

Here’s a car you don’t always see trying to make big power, but it did.  This Dodge Charger is a real sleeper.

Even when you pop open the hood there’s not much to gawk at.  Anyone who says you can’t make big power with 90-degree bends and 3-inch intercooler piping is incorrect.  While the piping may not be ideal, you have to do what you can when you have no room with the factory intake manifold.  But take a look below because this “Super Bee” did just fine.

The 2008 Dodge Charger here makes a boatload of power, and look at all that torque!  It's boosted by a pair of BorgWarner S366 turbochargers, and it laid this down on pump fuel.  That's the beauty of 6.2-liters of displacement.  The little loops at the end are simply due to the fact that the automatic Mercedes-Benz tranny was shifting toward the end of the run.  I would love to be in this car when it happens to surprise the owner of a proudly owned Dodge Hellcat. 

Let's check out some of Modified by KC's race cars next, which include the two that raced at last year's World Cup drag races in New Jersey.  Click to the next page for more info and more dyno graphs!

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