Project MKIV Supra: Part 10 – Dyno testing – We Hit 800 WHP!


When seeing the two power graphs of the red Supra (blue line, sorry) vs our blue one (red) over MPH, it's clearly evident that this red car is running a much taller tire.  It's able to go another 18 MPH at the same 8000 RPM.  What does this mean?  Our Project Supra is going to see higher RPM at lower speed, and probably have a better PSI vs MPH spool up.

So, if plotted against RPM, the red car (blue line) should have a definite spool-up advantage if it really spools up similar to ours, no?  After all, the red car's got a built-motor with lighter internals, and it's got a similarly-sized PTE 6768 CEA Ball Bearing turbo, and it even runs a couple more degrees of ignition timing, and it has a full 4-in exhaust (compared to our 3.5-in).

The answer actually is “not really!”.  It turns out our Supra is spooling so well that even with the red car's gearing advantage on the dyno with the tall tire, Project Supra is pretty much neck-and-neck in torque.  What this really means is that if both cars had the same sized tires, Project Supra would have the slight advantage.  It would probably even make more power up top, due to the higher gearing sustaining a better load in the top end.

Here's another Supra that Chad was tuning.  This one, however, is a different animal.

While the white Supra may also not be a whole lot to look at under the hood, the size of the turbo gives little doubt this sucker packs a mean 'ol punch.

Here's a close-up of the Precision 8284 CEA turbo.  See the dyno graph of this sucker on the next few pages, along with some other stupid-fast cars…

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