Project MKIV Supra: Part 10 – Dyno testing – We Hit 800 WHP!


MKC shop mechanic “Poncho” races this sweet Mazda RX-2.

I just love the look of the rear, with such a narrow body and so much rubber. 

You know you've got a pretty big turbo when you've got to hammer up the radiator in order to make it fit!  That there is a BorgWarner 91-mm turbo on a 13B motor. 

On the dyno, the 91-mm BW turbo was able to load the 13B hard enough to see nearly 840 WHP at around 40 PSI, but the RX-2 runs a reported 43 PSI on the track.  At the World Cup in New Jersey it made a 7.6-second pass at 185 MPH!

It’s typical for a tuning shop like Modified by KC to get cars in that need a simple tune on the dyno to get things running right.  Sometimes those setups are pretty interesting, however.  Take this rear-mounted turbo kit, for instance. 

Anyone care to guess what car make and model this car is?  Find out on the next page, along with a picture of another factory turbo setup we'll challenge you to figure out where it comes from.

The cool thing about the guys at Modified by KC is they'll dyno test and tune pretty much anything that comes through their doors.  I've seen Jeeps, suburbans, and they even dyno tested our Mazda MPV minivan that we featured.  They're like kids with a super cool toy.  But it's also inevitable that, with most of the stuff that comes in, the car owners always seem to be a little too optimistic about the horsepower they think their car is going to lay down on MKC's Dynojet 424x.

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