Project MKIV Supra: Part 10 – Dyno testing – We Hit 800 WHP!


MKC's drag cars include a Honda Civic (background) along with a Mazda RX-2.

What sits up front of the Civic is FTW72-mm BorgWarner, which could only muster 40 PSI on the dyno but saw up to 46 PSI down the strip to whip up an 8.6-second run at 175 MPH with shop owner Chad Charlton behind the wheel.
I had to look at Civic's graph more than a couple of times to make sure the scaling was correct, because the lines didn't appear to be crossing like they should at 5250 RPM.  But then I noticed the run starts at 6000 RPM!  10,000 RPM, folks, is what it takes to make this kind of power with a 1.6-liter engine.  This was done with Chad's own blend of E85 fuel.

The really high RPM is also why this car makes very little torque. In fact, let's compare this run to the Dodge Charger's just for fun…


When you look at this graph, to think that the Dodge Charger Twin Turbo (blue line) and the turbo Civic (red) are similarly powered is comical.  And that's why there's no “replacement for displacement!”  But the Civic will still whoop it's butt down the track. 

Let's check out the 1972 Mazda RX-2 next, which runs a 7-second quarter-mile at speeds over 180 MPH!


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