Project Mustang 5.0: Data Logging, Tuning, and More with HP Tuners nGauge

Project Mustang 5.0: Data Logging, Tuning, and More with HP Tuners nGauge

by Vince Illi


Since OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics II) became a standard in 1996, vehicle manufacturers have been using that ubiquitous data port underneath the dash to do more and more things. What started out as a simple, standardized method to perform basic emissions testing has become the go-to method for everything from engine sensor diagnostics to anti-lock brake troubleshooting and in-car entertainment system updates.

One of the major uses of the OBD-II port in the aftermarket performance industry is “tuning,” or changing the engine’s control programming to account for bigger injectors, aggressive cams, forced induction, and the like.

HP Tuners has been at the forefront of automotive engine tuning and diagnostics for Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler vehicles for over a decade now. Their VCM suite is used for tuning by professional speed shops around the world. Furthermore, HP Tuners is one of the only aftermarket companies who has completely “unlocked” the Copperhead Powertrain Control Module (PCM) used in Ford’s latest engines, including the Coyote 5.0 V8. Their VCM Scanner is available to consumers and can perform the vast bulk of factory-level diagnostic testing on a laptop computer—tools normally only available to Dealers using Ford’s expensive Intelligent Diagnostic Scanner (IDS) tool.

Recently, HP Tuners partnered with E-Motion products to create a new handheld tuner device with a twist. The aftermarket is already flooded with OBD-II tuning devices that run the gamut from good to terrible, so HP Tuners wanted to set themselves apart by making something that could do more than just standard tuning.



Enter the HP Tuners nGauge. Whereas most tuning devices on the market resemble an unsightly brick that can only awkwardly be installed in your vehicle, the nGauge is a sleek unit that looks at home mounted in a modern vehicle.  Its size—slightly larger than a standard 52mm gauge—offers a host of different mounting options.


The nGauge ships with the OBD-II cable, a Micro SD card and adapter, a tool for removing the card from the gauge, and a mounting adapter “cup” that enables the use of different types of mounts. Several vendors sell specific mounts, such as a suction cup for mounting on a windshield or vehicle-specific dash mounts.


The front of the gauge has a color touch screen (non-capacitive, so it can be used with gloves!) and a mini USB port.


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