Project Nissan 370Z – Keeping it cool with a CSF radiator, HPS Hoses and a Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler


Innovate ot-2
Since our 370Z is daily driven and it is yet to reach the point of needing a gauge cluster, we needed a way to monitor on track temps.  Innovate's OT-2 was the perfect solution as it gave us a wireless interface with our iPhone that would be mounted safely to the windshield.  The OT-2 simply plugs in to the OBD-2 port and allows you to display real time data.


Innovate OT-2 screen shot
The Innovate Logworks-Mobile app syncs with the OT-2's and provides a very useful and easy to read gauge screen.  You have the option to monitor 3 parameters of your choice simultaneously and where you want them displayed.  The app also lets you record the data to review later via an easy to read interface.


For our morning baseline run, we went out with an ambient temp of 86 degrees.  Within two laps our water temp was hitting 227 degrees and climbing fast while our oil temp was racing over 240 degrees.  Clint Boisdeau, our test driver knew from his 370Z experience that limp mode, where the oil temp hits 275 degrees, was just a lap or two away so he aborted his session and brought her in. 

On a 370Z, a coolant temp of 240 means, start your cool down lap now, 260 degrees means, she's about to blow captain and 280 means she's done.  Clint reported that it took a whole lap for the car to cool from 227 degrees to under 212 and that the temps were climbing so fast he didn't think he could stay another lap at speed.


With us surfing the overheating zone on the track, we pulled the car into the pits to add some much needed cooling.  On the 370Z changing the radiator is a pretty involved job so be sure to read through your Factory Service Manual thoroughly.  First the bumper fascia has to come off.

A whole bunch of push pin plastic clips had to be removed at the top of the bumper to get it off.

We carefully removed the bumper and the top part of the fiber reinforced plastic core support.

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