Project Nissan 370Z – Keeping it cool with a CSF radiator, HPS Hoses and a Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler


The stock radiator is really buried in the core support so the support had to come off.  This makes the install way more involved than typical.  It took us a couple of hours, but luckily we came prepared  and had brought all the necessary tools (and then some) to the track.  The washer reservoir supplied with our AEM intake and stock power steering cooler had to be moved out of the way as well.  


Finally we have the radiator and A/C compressor assembly exposed and ready to remove.  Before the environmental nuts get up in arms about how we evacuated the system, we took our Z in to the professionals the day before the event. 


Time to drain the coolant. 


Here you can see that the CSF radiator is over twice as thick as the stock part. 


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