Project Nissan 370Z – Keeping it cool with a CSF radiator, HPS Hoses and a Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler



The CSF radiator/condenser in place!  Everything fit perfectly like stock with the only extra work required being the trimming of the fan shroud.



At this time we also installed the Nissan Motorsports extra large 32 row engine oil cooler we sourced from Fontana Nissan.  This is the race version which is way bigger than the 13 row street version. The kit features a billet aluminum filter adaptor and -10 Earl's braided steel hoses and fittings (most other kits use -8 lines).  It is a high quality part.   The combination of the CSF radiator and this sucker should make limp mode a thing of the past. 


On the track, our car did much better even though the ambient temp had risen 11 degrees to 96 degrees from our baseline run. The oil temperature would not go above 240 degrees (which is still pretty high considering the size of the oil cooler) and the coolant temp would not exceed 228. No matter how hard we drove the car there was no limp mode!  We limited out time on track to less than 20 minutes as we know this is the limit of time before the rear diff starts to overheat.  We will tackle this problem later and provide updates.



The other cool thing is that the coolant temp would instantly drop with the CSF radiator going below 212 within two turns if you slowed down.  The stock radiator would take over an entire lap!


The CSF radiator and the Nissan Motorsports oil cooler are absolutely mandatory if you do any sort of track driving with your 370Z.  They keep the car out of limp mode and can keep things from blowing up.  They add to your fun by allowing you to run until diff overheating becomes an issue.

If you live in a hot climate, they are probably mandatory for sporting street driving as well!  We have not experienced a modern car with as much propensity to overheat as the 370Z, but thanks to the CSF radiator and Nissan Motorsports oil cooler the engine side of the overheating equation has been solved.  We give them our stamp of approval!




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