Project S-Turdteen Fixing the Transmission

We replaced the stock 21 lb flywheel with ACT’s XACT Prolite flywheel.  It weighs 9.7 lbs. The flywheel is CNC machined from a 4130 chromoly billet and heat treated for maximum strength.  The starter ring gear is induction hardened.

Since the flywheel bolts are going to be stressed by clutch kicks, we replaced the stock Nissan bolts with high strength ARP bolts.

We lubed under the bolt heads for a more accurate torque reading using anti-seize but you can use the lube that ARP supplies.

For the threads, we applied Loctite Red sparingly.  You want to be careful and not put too much on here.

We bolted up the flywheel in a cross pattern then torqued them down to the proper tightness in steps.

We replaced the old pilot bearing with the new one that came with the clutch.


  1. The 3rd gear always goes first on these transmissions. This is caused by the shafts flexing; the 3rd gear pignons get further and further from each other, until there is not enough material in contact and they break.
    The only way to prevent this is to actually NOT use 3rd gear. Even OS giken gear sets and input shaft replacement break the same way, once over 350/400 engine HP on a SR. It will break with just sticky road tyres, without LSD.

    I am actually looking for a (cheap) solution to this too. The CD009 swap looks tike the cheapest one, but it has some drawbacks… mainly a totally useless 1st gear, and not enough main shaft engagement. More expensive solutions include PPG and Elite dogboxes, but i would really like something in between.

  2. That is the easiest and cheapest swap to my knowledge too. We are going to hold the power down below 300 in the meanwhile.

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