Project S2000: Part 34 – Fuel System Install and Dyno Tuning for 500hp

The last major part of the puzzle before getting the car tuned was installing the fuel system components. Smaller bits included wiring in the Hondata boost solenoid and 4-bar MAP sensor. In updating the fuel system, it involved some upgraded wiring too. I have done quite a bit of wiring now due to the air-to-water intercooler system and my work has gotten a bit cleaner.

Part of the upgraded fuel pump install was upgrading the wiring. The stock wire gauge for the stock low-power pump is tiny and it would have created too much resistance and voltage drop for the current draw of the new pump. For my modest crank 500hp target, I chose an AEM 340 pump. Science of Speed sells an upgraded fuel pump power wiring kit that utilizes the OEM Honda connectors that are well-suited for this size pump. If going to an even larger pump, I’d consider doing more direct wiring straight to the pump instead of trying to use the OEM connections. I ran the new power cable through this grommet hidden behind the (removed) battery. I poked a hole using a pick.


The wire came out here in the passenger footwell and I used the split wire loom provided in the Science of Speed kit to protect the wire on its path to the trunk.


I had this pry kit I bought from Modify way back in the day when I was doing car stereo upgrades. It came in handy for removing the various panels in order to route the pump power wire through the car.


With a few of the rear panels removed, this is where I routed the pump power wire. It sure was dusty back there behind the seat.


This is where the power wire ended up in the trunk. I haven’t had a spare tire in the car since I put on the Stop Tech brakes a dozen years ago.


  1. That’s the same pump I put in my tow pig. It’s a supercharged 454 making 450 or better at the crank with north of 600 ft/lb per Whipple. I checked the draw on the 15A fuse and determined this wasn’t going to put it over so didn’t bother with the hot wire. I figure it’s still way more pump than the motor needs. The local shop recommended the AEM as a lot of the others seem to be junk. Knock on wood, so far so good for me.

    1. The stock Honda pump power wire is only ~16 AWG which is good for roughly 15A. The AEM 340 pulls up to 15A, so it would really max out the stock wiring. I’m much of the philosophy of overkill sizing for better reliability.

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