Project S2000: Part 34 – Fuel System Install and Dyno Tuning for 500hp

The biggest pain in the ass part of the fuel pump install was the removal and installation of these panels. They are held in by the plastic clips that have the center button. Most of the clips have to be found by feel. These panels were also very dusty so I gave them a good wipe-down.


Removing the electrical connectors, cover, and fuel lines were all pretty straightforward. I got an air spray can to help clear out all the dust and dirt sitting on top of the fuel pump hanger.


I bought the AEM 340 fuel pump from Real Street Performance with a specific S2000 fitment; it came with the fuel hose already cut to the proper length. The wire harness with connectors to plug the fuel pump into the stock fuel pump hanger was bought from Science of Speed. This made the installation process more plug-and-play. I tried to go as much plug-and-play as possible as I was installing everything in my home garage. Plug-n-play is a time saver too.


Here is the AEM 340 fuel pump installed into the stock hanger and all connected up with as much ease as possible due to Real Street Performance and Science of Speed.


I bought the OEM Honda connector from Science of Speed so that I could do this wiring on a bench before I got around to the fuel pump install. Otherwise, I would have had to de-pin the wires from the original connector and risk damaging it. Plus, I wanted to be able to install everything as quickly as possible once I was digging into the car.


  1. That’s the same pump I put in my tow pig. It’s a supercharged 454 making 450 or better at the crank with north of 600 ft/lb per Whipple. I checked the draw on the 15A fuse and determined this wasn’t going to put it over so didn’t bother with the hot wire. I figure it’s still way more pump than the motor needs. The local shop recommended the AEM as a lot of the others seem to be junk. Knock on wood, so far so good for me.

    1. The stock Honda pump power wire is only ~16 AWG which is good for roughly 15A. The AEM 340 pulls up to 15A, so it would really max out the stock wiring. I’m much of the philosophy of overkill sizing for better reliability.

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