Project S2000: Part 34 – Fuel System Install and Dyno Tuning for 500hp

The rest of the Science of Speed fuel pump wiring kit was the wiring in of the relay. I used the stock fuel pump power wiring as the trigger signal for the relay to close. I used a multimeter to find a suitable ground wire location to complete the circuit for providing power to the fuel pump.


I finished up the fuel pump wiring to the battery which included the segment of wire with the inline fuse. The other big gauge power wire and relay setup, with the relay sitting in front of the under-hood fuse box, I used for the big SPAL fan on the radiator. I wired in the small SPAL fan mounted on the front heat exchanger into the stock fan wiring which also is the trigger for the relay. I got around to cleaning up and protecting the wiring for the oil temp and pressure sensors and boost solenoid with split loom too. I drove a couple of times after the fuel pump install just to be sure everything worked. That allowed me to catch that the big SPAL fan was blowing the 20A fuse I had in its power cable. If you recall, I had to use a 30A fuse when I had the big SPAL wired in with the stock wiring and fuse box. So this was another good catch before going in for tuning.


To provide switched 12V power to the water pump for the intercooler and also a wideband, I bought this fused distribution box from Science of Speed.


It gets switched 12V power from this location in the under-dash fuse box where the red wire is going in. I bought this red wire with a Honda connector from Science of Speed to make it plug-n-play.


I ran the wires for the AEM wideband through this grommet underneath the clutch master cylinder.


  1. That’s the same pump I put in my tow pig. It’s a supercharged 454 making 450 or better at the crank with north of 600 ft/lb per Whipple. I checked the draw on the 15A fuse and determined this wasn’t going to put it over so didn’t bother with the hot wire. I figure it’s still way more pump than the motor needs. The local shop recommended the AEM as a lot of the others seem to be junk. Knock on wood, so far so good for me.

    1. The stock Honda pump power wire is only ~16 AWG which is good for roughly 15A. The AEM 340 pulls up to 15A, so it would really max out the stock wiring. I’m much of the philosophy of overkill sizing for better reliability.

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