Project S2000 – Part 16 – Testing Track Upgrades


The Viper shoots cool air from the front bumper through these ducts towards the back-side of the wheels to help cool the brakes.  Sorry about the picture being out of focus!


The Corvette has a similar duct to the Viper.  I got this picture from Rob Robinette’s website; it’s a great resource for S2k and FD RX-7 owners.


With the concept in my head, it was time to design some ducts.  I enlisted the help of my buddy Tommy to do some C.A.D. to make a mock-up.  The S2000 control arm has a hole conveniently cast into it that we could use as a mounting point.


This is halfway through mock-up concept number two.  When designing parts, there are often many design iterations.


Some more cardboard added onto the mock-up. 


Checking clearances with the wheel turned.


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