Project S2000 – Part 16 – Testing Track Upgrades


Here is what’s left of the front StopTech street pads.  Yes, these are the same set of pads from when I first installed the brakes.  So I have four track days on them (2-Streets of Willow, Chuckwalla, Big Willow), around 90 auto-x runs, and about 20k miles.  I did not take them out to measure, but it looks like the wear indicator depth is about 5mm deep.  There should be 3mm or so of pad left when the indicator is gone, so I think I have about 8mm of pad left.  I think the pads start at 11mm thickness when new, so I’m not even halfway through these yet.


These are the original rear pads and they actually have one extra track day on them; I did one track day with Ferodo DS3000 pads on the front at Buttonwillow.


The first few modifications targeted for improving the track performance of Project S2000 have done exactly what I had hoped for.  Clutch-slip and miss-shifts are no longer issues.  My new brake ducts are much quicker to install and take off than my old ghetto-ducts along with being quite effective.  Oh, I almost forgot about the BlackTrax baffled oil pan!  With Willow Springs having very long corners with sustained high G forces, I’m glad I installed the pan before driving this track especially with the high grip Nitto NT01 tires.

There are more track oriented modifications to come.  For one, I still need to install the Hasport differential mounts.  Also, the stock seat has to go as it just doesn’t have enough bolstering to hold me in place; I’m using my arms and legs quite a bit to brace myself while cornering and on the brakes.  Up to this point, I’ve avoided doing anything to the car I couldn’t easily undo.  Well, that’s about to go out the window.  However, I had already made this decision when I decided to stop using the car for daily driving duties and making it more track focused.   Oh yeah, those rear brake ducts I’ve been meaning to design… Well, I have a few more custom parts to make in addition to those so stay tuned (but don’t hold your breath, it’s going to take a while).   In parting, I’d like to say thanks to K.R.O.P.S for putting on a great track day.  It was well organized and easy going.  They were also very good about calling out run groups to get cars on and off the track efficiently.  All in all, good times were had.




Ark Designs



Nitto Tires


StopTech Brakes


Volk Racing



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