Project S2000 – Part 16 – Testing Track Upgrades


The clearance is a bit tight to the sway bar.  Tommy and I mocked up the duct on the passenger side which happens to have a tweaked control arm.  So things are not quite even between the passenger and driver sides of the car.  Plenty of clearance on the passenger side from the sway bar, but not so much on the driver’s side.



Checking the clearance to the wheel with it turned in… Yikes!  It’s CLOSE.  When we mocked it up, the car was on jack stands with the wheel at full-droop.  With the car on the ground, the geometry changes and makes thing much tighter.  Note to self, next time, take that into consideration.  For now, I just can’t use full-lock steering unless going very slowly.  Any compression of the suspension will cause the duct to hit the wheel.  The same situation exists with regards to the sway bar; with the car on the ground the sway bar gets closer to the duct.  Well, it’s a good thing I chose the PC-ABS material which has some flex to it!


Here are two views of the duct installed to give you an idea of its position relative to the tire and bodywork.


Project S2000 with Project 370Z parked early in the morning at Willow Springs.  Clint and I both taped up the front end of our cars to reduced airflow to our oil coolers.  Mine is a little hard to see, but I used black duct tape to tape off the entire middle section of the front opening which is about 60%.  Even though I have a Mocal thermostat for my oil cooler setup, I learned they still always bleed some oil with it ‘closed’ so as to not have extremely cold oil that would shock the system when it opened.  On my drive last year to the track with air temps below freezing, my oil temperature was only 60C (measured using the ARK Design MFD2 of course).  So I learned my lesson from last year and taped up the car.  The oil temp stayed at a relatively warm temperature of 85C along with the coolant temperature staying at a rock steady 90C.  Even before getting to the cold air temperatures in the mountains, the oil temperature was only 90C down in the South Bay with the air temperature around 50F.


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