Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S: Getting More Power with an HKS Supercharger and More Cooling with a CSF Radiator


Now the charge pipe are installed.  The pipes with complex geometries that change in diameter are all cast out of aluminum.  This pipe goes to the airflow meter and airbox.

Here is the pipe, the modified airbox and the traction fluid reservoir.

Charge tubes that need to flex and made of multi ply silicone hose.   The hoses are all molded for perfect fit.

Charge pipes that are continuous in diameter are mandrel bent aluminum.

It's a tight fit but everything is nice and neat under the hood.  HKS always has an OEM quality level to their parts.

This is the compressor bypass valve.  It lets air go around the supercharger at low engine speeds and part throttle. This helps reduce parasitic drag and improves fuel economy.


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