Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S: Getting More Power with an HKS Supercharger and More Cooling with a CSF Radiator


The main tube from the intercooler to the throttle body goes right through this hump in the core support that seems like it was put there just for this reason.  No cutting needed!
The compressor bypass lines are hooked up. The rest of the charge tubes are hooked up as well.
The traction fluid is added and the air bled out of the system.
The vacume line for the compressor bypass valve is added and the front bumper cover is re-installed.  Our FR-S is now powered by HKS and is ready for tuning.

Well the supercharger is in. We are very impressed with the level of fit and finish on the HKS system and it's relative ease in installation. In our next edition we will be tuning our car with some help from Delicious Tuning who is going to be installing a flex fuel kit so we can run E85 and any mix of it! Unlike most SEMA show cars, when we are done, ours will actually run hard and be fast around the track.  Stay tuned!


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