Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S


The parts are laid out by the stock lower control arms.  You can see how the stock parts have huge windows cut in them that allow for a ton of unrestricted movement.  This causes the wheels to move in the wrong directions under load and creates slop in the steering.
Howard Watanabe uses a hydraulic press to remove the stock bushings and ball joints from the lower control arms.
Howard is a rock star. Here he is seen performing for GTChannel, MotoIQ and Scion’s cameras.
The rebushed arm is fitted back onto the car.
The arm is tapped into place with a soft mallet.  When everything is lined up, the arms are bolted in.
You can see how the front pivot point is raised up so the arm is now parallel to the ground eliminating most of the stock anti dive geometry.

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