Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S


Next it was time to change the soft rubber differential mount bushings with Whiteline urethane parts.  The soft rubber allows the diff to move a lot which can cause wheelhop during hard starts and when exiting tight turns,  The Whiteline parts are a lot stiffer than stock but have engineered flex in them to reduce noise and vibration.  These are the bushings for the nose of the differential.
These are the bushings for the rear of the differential.  You can see the hole around the perimeter that allows a little flex, this helps cushion the drivetrain and damp out noise and vibration while still eliminating wheel hop. These bushings when combined with the transmission mount is one of the main reasons why our FR-S turned the best 0-60 time in the Irwindale shootout.  Good performance while not hurting our refined theme.
Howard removes the diff from the crossmember.
Howard knocks the stock rubber bushings out of the diff with an air chisel.  He also removed the rear diff bushings from the crossmember with the air chisel without having to remove the crossmember from the car.  Although it would have been nice, we didn’t get a picture of that because we had a conference call, whoops.
Here are the Whiteline bushings in place in the crossmember.
The stock bushings are really soft plus have big air gaps to allow for a lot of wheel hop inducing movement.

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