Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S


Whiteline Toe links allow for much more toe adjustment than stock and the urethane ends have some give and a smoother ride than the spherical bearings we used on our car while still not flexing nearly as much as the stock rubber parts.  With right and left handed threading, toe adjustment is a one turn snap.
Whiteline was cool enough to let us borrow some of their rare prototype adjustable billet aluminum lower arms.  These are much stiffer than the flimsy stamped stock parts and allow a lot more adjustment.   A cool feature is that you can adjust the rear suspension motion ratio by putting the rear shock in several different combinations of holes in the arm.  This allows you to effectively adjust the spring rate without having to change the springs!
You can see the CNC pocketing here to reduce weight while maintaining strength.
The Whiteline lower arm has a right and left threaded adjuster so camber can be adjusted with one turn of a wrench.  This is a tremendous time saver over having to unbolt the arm, spinning the rod end and reattaching it the car. The arm also has a urethane bushing which is much firmer than stock but still better at damping out noise and vibrations than the spherical bearings our car uses.
The stock rubber bushing was pressed out of the traction rod and the Whiteline urethane part was pushed in with liberal use of the supplied grease..
The Whiteline bushing for the upper arm has an eccentric so you can adjust camber.  However, we used it to reduce antisquat which we found on our car to greatly reduce off corner traction.

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