Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S


We use the eccentric bushings to flatten out the forward tilt of the upper arm to reduce anti squat.  Here Howard is adjusting them in place before tightening them down.  Believe it or not, this makes a feelable difference in corner exit traction.
Another looks at Whiteline’s grease pockets and lip seals on the interior of a bushing.
Everything is in place.  For now we will try the rear shocks in the middle position.  Inboard makes the shocks softer and gives more wheel travel, outboard makes them stiffer with less wheel travel.  This is a cool features, a quick way to change wheel rate without having to change springs.
Here is the toe rod in place.
While under the car, we added this Whiteline transmission mount insert.  The stock transmission mount has a huge gap in it which allows for a lot of movement.  This allows a lot of banging around of the drivetrain which stresses parts and can cause poor shifting.  The Whiteline parts greatly reduces the movement of the transmission under load but allows the soft noise reducing rubber to stay in place.
The stock mounting bolts are loosened and the Whiteline part slid into the gap between the rubber in the mount, the the mount is then bolted back down again, a super easy install.

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