Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S


Howard taps the Whiteline bushings in with a mallet.  The Whiteline bushings are steel lined so they stay in place well.
The diff goes back in place.  No more wheel hop.
For the subframe to chassis bushings, on our car we used solid Whiteline urethane parts, for the SEMA car we used these Spoon Sport rigid sleeves.  These emulate the 2014 Factory upgrade bolts by filling the gap between the bolt and the subframe bushing taking up free play while still allowing the stock bushing some movement.  To keep our noise and vibration low, we will try these and if they work run them for more refinement.
The sleeves are lubed up with the supplied anti seize and slipped between the bolt and inner bushing sleeve.
Next everything is tightened down. Supposedly these make a big enough of a difference for Scion to do the same thing with a larger diameter bolt in the 2014 model.

Stay tuned, we have a bunch more parts going into our car with some tuning and set up tricks.  While our competitors might be building some show cars, ours will have some decent go as well.

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