Project SR E30: Part 1 – Test Fitting the Engine
It’s important to cap off all intake and oil openings to prevent dirt ingress. We like to use disposable gloves to cover the big openings, and masking tape for the small ones.
After stripping everything off, we yanked out the SR.
We also completely stripped the front end on the E30 to make it easier to work on.
Before test fitting the SR, we removed the motor mounts to make sure they wouldn’t get in the way.
The E30 engine bay is a bit smaller than the s13 one, so the engine needed more tilt to go in. Aneasy way to do this is just to put more weight on the trans.
We ran into an issue where the turbo elbow would get caught on the steering linkage. We couldn’t go around it because on the other side, the alternator was hitting the frame rail, essentially wedging the engine in place.

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