Project SR E30: Part 1 – Test Fitting the Engine
The engine is now a lot closer to being in the right position, but now the turbo elbow wouldn’t clear the brake booster.
To remedy this we went on a field trip to the junkyard. We looked at a bunch of cars to try and find a smaller brake booster that would work. This 1989 VW Fox ended up having exactly what we need.
Here is a comparison of different brake boosters we found. 1996 Jetta (left), Stock E30 (center), 1989 Fox (right). The ‘89 Fox booster is not only smaller, but also thinner than the rest. It also has the exact same bolt pattern on both sides as the E30. The only thing that would need to be modified is the rod that connects to the brake pedal.
With the new brake booster, everything but the compressor outlet clears. You may notice that there is no brake reservoir. Well that’s because we decided to run a remote reservoir to give us more room and to avoid heat soak issues.
We simply clocked the compressor outlet to make it clear the brake master.

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