Project SR E30: Part 1 – Test Fitting the Engine
We temporarily removed the alternator to gives us more room to go around the steering linkage.

Now the engine is in, but it doesn’t quite fit. It’s not even centered in the engine bay, and we already have an issue.
The exhaust manifold doesn’t clear the brake master. It even knocked over the brake reservoir, pulling it out of the master cylinder.
While brainstorming about how to resolve this issue, I noticed that the exhaust manifold I have on my drift car is a lot more compact than the one on this SR. This is because my manifold has unequal runners, while these are equal. We figured that we could get ¾” of clearance to the brake master just by swapping manifolds.
I generously offered to trade manifolds since I’m such a good friend. Totally had nothing to do with the fact that I blew my turbo and needed to borrow one for competition weekend.

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