Project SR E30: Part 7 – Wiring and First Startup!
Nissan SR20DET BMW E30 Harness
With everything mapped out, we spliced the harnesses together! The harness is now ready for a test start.
BMW E30 Dashboard exposed
At this point we need to install the dashboard. A lot of the E30 ignition wiring runs through the dashboard harness, so we can’t start the car without it.
BMW E30 Start Safety Switch
One last thing. Since this car was originally an automatic, it has a safety mechanism that prevents you from starting the car unless it’s in park. We bypass this by splicing a couple of wires together from the shift selector connector to make the car think it’s always in park.

And finally we can fire up Project SR E30 for the first time!

SR20 swapped BMW E30
Now that we know the car runs, we decided to install our coolant swirl pot. A swirl pot has to be mounted as high as possible to work correctly. In order to gauge how high we can mount it, we installed the hood.
Mounting a swirl pot
With the hood installed, we climbed under the car, and inserted the swirl pot into the engine bay, pushing it up as high as we could. We then used a marker to mark the location of the mounting holes.

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  1. Awesome project!!! Im working on my wiring harness now. By any chance do you still have the pinouts from the engine harness?? I could really use some help lol

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