Project SR E30: Part 7 – Wiring and First Startup!
Installing rivnuts
We drilled and rivnutted the mounting holes for the swirl pot. We used masking tape to protect our paint.
BMW E30 SR20DET Coolant Swirl Pot
We installed the swirl pot and hooked up all the lines.
Filling up brake fluid in a BMW E30
Next we decided to bleed the brakes and clutch. We filled up the reservoir with Dot 4 brake fluid.
Leaking clutch line fitting
Aaaaand we immediately discovered that the clutch slave cylinder banjo was leaking. Not to worry, we just had to tighten it an extra turn!
Bleeding brakes on a BMW E30
We started by bleeding the brakes.
Seized brake bleeder.
We had a hard time bleeding one of the rear calipers. After trying many different things for 2 hours, we took out the bleeder to discover that it had rusted shut! Luckily you can buy replacement bleeder bolts at most auto parts stores.

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  1. Awesome project!!! Im working on my wiring harness now. By any chance do you still have the pinouts from the engine harness?? I could really use some help lol

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